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Organization Name : Coursera

Offered By : DeepLearning.AI

Language : English

Subtitles : Chinese (Traditional), Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Chinese (Simplified), Italian, Vietnamese, Dutch, German, Russian, Thali, English, Spanish, Japanese


Course Name : AI For Everyone

About This Course

AI is not only for engineers. If you want your organization to become better at using AI, this is the course to tell everyone–especially your non-technical colleagues–to take.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The meaning behind common AI terminology, including neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, and data science
  • What AI realistically can–and cannot–do
  • How to spot opportunities to apply AI to problems in your own organization
  • What it feels like to build machine learning and data science projects
  • How to work with an AI team and build an AI strategy in your company
  • How to navigate ethical and societal discussions surrounding AI

Though this course is largely non-technical, engineers can also take this course to learn the business aspects of AI.

Benefits of this Course

  • Flexible deadlines
  • Shareable Certificate
  • 100% Online
  • Beginner Level
  • Approx. 8 hours to complete

Skills You Will Gain

  • Workflow of Machine Learning Projects
  • AI Terminology
  • AI Strategy
  • Workflow of Data Science Projects


  • What is AI?
    • 3 Hours to complete
    • 9 videos (Total 69 mins)
    • 1 practice exercise
  • Building AI Projects
    • 1 Hour to complete
    • 8 videos (Total 52 mins)
    • 1 practice exercise
  • Building AI in your Company
    • 2 Hours to complete
    • 10 videos (Total 90 mins)
    • 1 practice exercise
  • AI and Society
    • 1 Hour to complete
    • 8 videos (Total 50 mins)
    • 1 reading
    • 1 practice exercise

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