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Platform : Dare 2 Compete (D2C)

Dare2Compete believes in democratizing the hiring process – No matter which college you come from and which city you come from, you should have access to all the opportunities from companies that hire the best and provide one of the best salaries and cultures to excel in the job.

With this in mind, Dare2Compete presents the opportunity of a lifetime with ‘D2C Recruitables’.

The Off Campus Hiring Drive for Software Development Engineer (SDE) Roles across some of the big companies like Walmart, Myntra, Juspay, TATA ClassEdge, and 20 more companies.


Job Profile : Software Development Engineer

Registration Deadline : 19th September 2021, 11:59 PM IST

Registration Fees : Free

Assessment Starts : 13 Sep’21 10:00 AM IST

Assessment Ends : 19 Sep’21 11:59 PM IST

Updated On : 27 Aug 2021, 06:12 PM IST

Participating Companies in this Off Campus Drive : Walmart, Myntra, Tata Class Edge, Juspay, Idfy, Travel Triangle & Many More

CTC Offered : 4 LPA to 32 LPA

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students looking for their first job or internships that may get them Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs)
    • Pursuing a full-time B.Tech / B.E./ M.Tech / M.E / MCA
    • Batch 2022 and 2023
  • Freshers and Work Experience Candidates looking for their first job or a new job
    • B.Tech / B.E./ M.Tech./ M.E / MCA Degree
    • 0 to 2 years of working experience
    • Batch 2021, 2020 and 2019

Please note:- That all participating companies will have different eligibility requirements based on which they will shortlist candidates like but not limited to Graduation/Post-Graduation Degree, Academic Scores, Passing Year of the Batch, Work Experience, etc.

Example: Some may recruit only 2022 and 2023 while others may recruit 2021 and 2020. Some may recruit MCA and/or M.Tech while others may only recruit B.Tech and B.E. Some may have a minimum requirement of 50% in Xth and XIIth while others may have this at 60%.

From startups to MNCs and everyone in between, are here to evaluate and hire YOU. Get ahead in your career with bigger and better opportunities, all thanks to D2C Recruitables.

How To Participate ?

  • Register and complete your application form (Takes a maximum of 5 minutes)
  • Take all 4 assessments to get assessed on some key and relevant skills. You need to take up each assessment in one sitting i.e. when you start any particular assessment, you need to complete that in one sitting. However, you can have gaps between all these 4 assessments.
    1. General Aptitude & Logical Reasoning (MCQ Test)
    2. Basic Programming Fundamentals (MCQ Test)
    3. Soft Skill Assessment (MCQ + Subjective Test with audio and visual questions)
    4. Elementary Online Coding Assessment to test your Algo (2 to 3 online coding problems) – This test is optional but might be mandatory for few companies including Walmart, Intuit, Juspay, Myntra, etc.
  • Based on your assessment, you’ll get a section-wise score and ranking on the D2C Recruitables Leaderboard. This will be valid for 6 months.
  • Based on your score, companies will shortlist you for their job profiles and interview you. This will be a rolling process and companies may invite you for the interview anytime post your assessment within the next 6 months. They will send an invite which you may accept or reject. If accepted, you interview with them.
  • That’s it. Based on your scores, companies will start shortlisting you and call for interviews. Please note that companies will shortlist you based on D2C Recruitables Score as the base along with a few other parameters like but not limited to Graduation/Post-Graduation Degree, Academic Scores, Passing Year of the Batch, Work Experience, etc. The higher the score, the better chances of you getting your dream job.

Assessment Stages & Timelines

  • General Aptitude Assessment
    This MCQ assessment will test you on your general aptitude – logical reasoning, critical thinking, quant etc. This forms the base for a good software developer. Take this assessment to see if you have everything you need to get your dream job. Get, set and attempt 30 Questions in 25 Minutes!

13 Sep’21 10:00 AM IST – 19 Sep’21 11:59 PM IST

  • Evaluation on Computer Science Fundamentals
    This assessment will be an MCQ challenge that will test you on your Computer Science fundamentals. This forms the base for any software developer. Take this quiz to see if you have everything you need to get your dream job. Get, set and attempt 30 Questions in 25 Minutes!

13 Sep’21 10:00 AM IST – 19 Sep’21 11:59 PM IST

  • Soft Skill Assessment
    Get tested on verbal and speaking skills. Because they’re often just as crucial as hard skills when it comes to your job search and overall career success! Let the recruiter know that you can rock the world with your confidence in 25 minutes.

13 Sep’21 10:00 AM IST – 19 Sep’21 11:59 PM IST

  • Elementary Online Coding Assessment (Optional)
    This assessment will test you on 2 very basic logical coding problems and 1 advanced DS and Algorithmic problem. This is an optional test but is required for few companies. We recommend taking this assessment as well.

13 Sep’21 10:00 AM IST – 19 Sep’21 11:59 PM

Interview with the Dream Company

Based on your performance in above 4 assessments, companies will shortlist you for the interview. The timelines and other details will be communicated to the shortlisted candidates. One last round and the job is yours. Impress the interviewer and show them that you’re the right person for the job!

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  • Can I appear in more than one company’s hiring process?
    Yes. Once you take the assessment, multiple companies will be able to shortlist you for their interviews as per their requirements and your scores.
  • Can I get selected in more than one company?
    Yes, you may be selected by multiple companies based on their requirements and your D2C Recruitable Score.
  • How much time will it take me to do the assessments?
    All 4 assessments are different with different timelines. You may take the assessment anytime during the assessment window mentioned under the rounds section of this page itself. You may take breaks between different assessments. However, if you start the assessment, you need to complete it in one sitting.
  • Will the interviews be in person or online?
    Mostly they will be virtual right now. However, it depends on the hiring company as to how they’d like to do the interviews. It may be on the ground (in-person) as well.
  • After this D2C Recruitables assessment, do I have to give any other test?
    You may be required to give an assessment only if the hiring company wants to evaluate you on certain other skills that are required to excel in their job profile. Many companies will directly interview you if you get shortlisted. However, some may ask you to take up additional assessments.
  • Once I have taken the test, can I improve my score?
    You won’t be able to improve your score once the assessment is taken.
  • Are the salaries negotiable?
    Salary bands mentioned by companies are standard for the batches that they are hiring. You may discuss the same again during your interview process with company officials directly. Though, for freshers and students, the trend shows that salaries are generally non-negotiable.
  • Will there be more companies added in the future?
    Yes, many more companies will be coming in for recruitment through this program. As and when they come on board, you’ll see them live on this platform. Companies may be added for the next 3 to 6 months as and when they need candidates. Your score is valid for 6 months.
  • How long is my score valid? OR Till when can I use this score to appear for interviews on D2C?
    6 Months from the assessment date.
  • Are students from all colleges allowed or is this restricted to few set of colleges?
    D2C Recruitables is looking at democratizing the hiring process. Probably for the first time, big companies are open to hiring across campuses and looking at the best talent irrespective of applicants’ background. So yes, all students across all colleges in India are allowed.
  • After I take the assessment, how soon can I expect an interview call?
    It may take days to months for you to get an interview call as per company timelines and shortlisting criteria. You’ll get an intimation once a company has shortlisted you based on your score. New companies will be added even after the assessment.

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