Learn Git (Part 2): The Widely Used Version Control Tool

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Course Topic : Learn Git (Part 2): The Widely Used Version Control Tool

Language : English

Course Price : FREE

What you’ll Learn

Comfortably work with Git
Understand Git in Depth
Absorb many concepts of Git that’s not covered in majority of the other courses
Some best practices to follow along while using Git


No prior experience in computer domain (or as such) required. This course can be easily followed along by anyone with a Laptop or PC.

Job Description

Git has been around the tech community for around a decade. It is the most widely used source control management tool ever created. The popularity of this tool is so high that even multinational companies use this to manage their source code.

Its true that Git hands you a huge responsibility and an amazing control. Several technologies like Github, AWS CodeCommit revolve around this tool.

Learning Git opens various doors of opportunities. After being comfortable with Git, you can do the following:

Open Source Development: One thing that came along with Git, is the concept of OSD. It is a form of development, where you are creating applications for the community and in turn, you can experiment with it and create your own application by modifying it. In fact, in OSD, there is no concept of ownership. Some cool open source projects are: VLC Media Player, Linux, Python etc. You need a great understanding of Git to contribute to OSD

DevOps: You can go for DevOps and learn new concepts. DevOps is a software development paradigm where you combine both Development and Operations with a tremendous amount of synchrony. Its a very exciting field and also uses Git as the primary source code control tool.

Create Flawless Applications: If you are an engineer, you know the pain of creating applications that have flaws in it. And since you didn’t use Git, you’d have to abort your current deployment, revamp your bugs then rollout again. But with Git, you can keep the application running and parallelly fix the bug and then rollout a bug fix patch easily without hampering the operation.

This course is designed for all. Whether you are a beginner who want to try your hand at Git or even an experienced Developer who would like to brush up the Git skills, this course would suit you well. No pre-requisites are required but I am sure that after learning this, you’d be getting a ton of opportunities in various fields.

This is PART 2 of the Comprehensive Git Guide Course. Make sure to check out the PART 1 if you didn’t.

Who is this Course For

Beginner level developers who want to enter into Development (including Open Source) and even more experienced Devs who would want to brush up on their Git skills.

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